Spa Nordic - Steady Flow

Steady Flow

We present to you the latest addition to the spa category: the Steady Flow.

Renowned for its soothing properties, it has four adjustable massage jets, gathered in the same place on the wall of the pool, at seat level.

The jets exert gentle pressure on the back muscles, giving you a delicious moment of relaxation.

It is also equipped with a filtration system and an efficient electric stove.

The Steady Flow Spa is completely insulated, for the lowest possible energy consumption!

Construction - Materials - Volume

The Water Jets flow system (massage jets) consists of an electric heater, a filtration system and four massage jets. The heating system has a resistance of 3 kW. The stove heats the water when the filtration system is running, and the resistance has a flow switch. It takes about an hour to heat the water one degree Celsius. When purchased, a protective system cover is provided. The gross power of the Water Jets stream system is 3 kW and the net water output power is 3 kW.

The diameter of the basin is 170 cm, the water volume is 1420 liters and it is designed for 4-6 people. The dry weight of the basin is 128 kg, the gross power of the WaterJetsFlowSystem stove is 3 kW and the net power transferred to the water is 3 kW.

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