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AstierWellness accompanies you in the realization of your Wellness project: Sauna, Hammam, Stainless steel swimming pool, Spa or Finnish bath !

40 years spent in construction and well-being, we have learned to develop our “Game changer” formula, we have redefined the profession to adapt it to our vision and your needs.

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Your trusted partner for a turnkey project

Our services begin when your desire to set up a spa, sauna, hammam or swimming pool germinates. Definition of your wishes, your needs, the allocated budget, we take care of everything. We bring you our advice. Immersed in the field for many years, we are able to sound you out in order to guide you towards the most relevant solution, which incorporates all the parameters: terrain, materials, needs, use, durability, budget, aesthetics, etc. Because a turnkey solution always begins with a dialogue.

AstierWellness takes the turn of the construction of swimming pools in stainless steel. Manufacturer and installer of stainless steel pools, it has become the undisputed leader in standardized size stainless steel pools installed in 24 hours with predefined sizes in order to optimize the loss of material during its industrialization. In addition, AstierWellness offers its customers the possibility of manufacturing a tailor-made pool mainly dedicated to indoor installation.

Our standard pools are delivered in two blocks:

  • Pool
  • Technical area

The advantages of our pools?

  • 50 year warranty on water resistance
  • Installed in 24 hours
  • Duration of the construction site 1 month (Instead of 5 to 8 months for a reinforced concrete swimming pool)
  • No tiling to renovate
  • Less consumption of cleaning products due to stainless steel
  • An exclusive design
    Several standardized dimensions at your disposal
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At Astier Wellness, the sauna rhymes with made-to-measure. Of Scandinavian origin, these heat baths are close to 90 to 120°C! Are made in a wooden frame that can accommodate several people. The main material, wood, is essential, because it does not conduct heat, but it is up to you to adopt the species that suits you perfectly, oak, aspen, spruce, as well as many other choices. Another imperative, the doors will always be made of glass. What happens next definitely depends on your aspirations. Device with warm white or multicolored RGB LEDs, creation of a wall of Himalayan salt to release iodine, organic function, glazed corner, benches in aspen, interior in cladding or panels, it’s up to you. In short, we are there to guide you in your choice and guide you so that your sauna is as durable as it is pleasant, and as adapted to your desires as it is to your budget.
Talking about spa is often referring to its benefits for the skin, the circulation, its relaxing, even therapeutic effect. 
We will not contradict you. But we will rather show you the three types of outdoor spas (installed, semi-buried or buried), we will discuss the constraints of location, the importance of the dimensions of the indoor spa without forgetting the resistance of the ground or the ventilation of the piece. And do you know the swim spa?

Between the choice of the spa, that of the electrician, the sanitary, the mason and the landscaper, we will help you to refine your intentions.

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Wellness ambassador

The research and development of our collections over many years has enabled us to achieve an irreproachable level of quality in the construction of well-being.

The choice of our woods, our stainless steel, our hammam techniques are mainly from Switzerland and Europe. In addition to advising you on the construction of your Wellness space, we accompany you on good nutritional, philosophical and well-being practices.

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AstierWellness accompanies you, individuals and professionals, in the realization of your Wellness project. Our teams listen and advise to carry out your desires.