Finnish bath - Pearly

Premium Pearly

The Finnish bath Pearly takes up the friendly and practical design of the Family in a premium version.

The champagne-colored case is made of ABS plastic. This soft and elegant color makes it possible to install optional LED lighting. The light will diffuse through the translucent wall creating a friendly atmosphere to light up your evenings.

This Finnish bath is suitable for people who want an easy-care, high-quality product. The integrated bench makes it easy to get in and out of the bath, the raised part can also serve as an armrest for two people.

Construction - Materials - Volume

The hot tub is heated with this very powerful black stove. Cube has a timeless design and color. It is designed to quickly heat large pools (L). The connections to the spa are on the side of the stove. Cube is made of high quality marine aluminum. The external cladding is made with grooved composite panel slats. Mocca in colour, this spa fits very well into a modern environment. The grooved surface is extremely easy to clean and requires no special maintenance. The champagne color is the choice of refinement and voluptuousness. This fabulous, elegant color will guarantee you unforgettable and romantic swims.

The diameter of the pool is 172 cm, the water volume is 1420 liters and it is designed for 4-6 people. The dry weight of the basin is 157 kg, the gross power of the CUBE stove is 48 kW and the net power transferred to the water is 35 kW.

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